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Providing global expertise in energy and commodities markets developed over decades of experience

Hartree has operated successfully around the world in global energy and commodities markets since 1997 (when we were founded as Hetco). At the forefront of the wholesale energy market, we have gained experience, in-depth knowledge and insight in a wide range of physical and financial commodities and markets. We provide this intellectual capital across a variety of services for our customers.

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Providing high-impact, low-cost solutions to reduce carbon emissions

The green energy revolution has been a focus at Hartree for a decade. Our experience in this area, and our environmental ventures with Vertree, Hartree Solutions, AMPYR and ASE, drive access to global environmental opportunities. We provide high-impact, low-cost solutions to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon future and to monetize the potential of that shift for our customers. Leveraging a diverse portfolio of carbon offsets, as well as our own proprietary carbon model, we are able to help customers quantify and stress-test their portfolio’s exposure to the energy transition, powering a sustainable future for all.

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