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Expertly navigating the energy and commodities markets of a rapidly changing world

Energy is always evolving. At Hartree Partners, we use our decades of experience in the physical and financial energy and commodities markets to explore the opportunities this evolution provides. We assist our customers in participating in new markets and navigating their complexities for maximum revenues at minimum risk.

Our integrity, our fairness and our ethics set us apart.

"We knew from the beginning it would take a team of the best and the brightest – truly extraordinary colleagues with intellect, integrity, passion and creativity – to succeed. And we were right."

Stephen Hendel, Founding Managing Director


A global team of dedicated women and men known for responsible, innovative thinking

Hartree Partners is its people. Ours are exceptional. Entrepreneurial in spirit and independent in thought, our team works in an inclusive environment that encourages diverse perspectives and meaningful relationships. Integrity is the foundation of our collaborative culture. Our commitment to our team and culture promotes an atmosphere of responsible innovation.


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Creating value across the ESG spectrum

Investors are increasingly applying Environmental, Social, and Governance factors as part of their analysis to identify risks and growth opportunities. We actively seek these opportunities and partner with others to create value across the ESG spectrum, as in our ventures focused on sustainable energy: Vertree, AMPYR, AMPYR Solar Europe and Hartree Solutions. Hartree is at the forefront of finding investment solutions, consulting, and generating sustainable and commercially viable strategies for energy renewal and regeneration.