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Proprietary Trading & Arbitrage

Hartree takes advantage of opportunities across a wide range of commodities. The company has a diversified relative value portfolio along the investment axes of geography, time and product quality, based on Hartree analysts’ and traders’ assessments and activities in the physical commodities markets.

Structured Transactions

Many Hartree staff held senior roles at a wide variety of companies and are familiar with industry best practices on commercial issues. Hartree provides a comprehensive and inventive approach to collaborations that provide supply, offtake and benchmarking to minimize balance sheet exposure, mitigate commercial execution risk or enhance a regional asset’s reach.

Hartree Principal Investing

Hartree merchant investing will begin in 2015. Through Hartree’s partnership with Oaktree Capital, the firm has allocated funds for asset development and business acquisition in the commodity space, complementing the existing expertise and businesses of the firm.

Risk Management

Hartree Partners, LP® has extensive expertise in advising and assisting customers in risk management, providing both the know-how and the tools for companies to isolate and protect themselves from commodity price movements. Hartree clients span the entire commodity supply chain, including producers, refiners and consumers; and extend from independent companies to state-owned energy companies and ministries of finance.

Hartree works together with clients both to test and improve the robustness of existing risk management strategies and to develop customized solutions to fit their needs. Due to our broad platform and ability to trade a diverse range of exposures, Hartree is able both to advise and provide liquidity on a wide variety of markets and exposures. Typical risk management sectors include:

  • Consumer & Producer Hedge Programmes
  • Bespoke Refinery Margin & Gas Formula Tracking & Trading
  • Petrochemical Feedstock Hedging
  • Freight Earnings Hedges

For more information on Hartree's Risk Management Services, please contact Rob McLeod at riskmanagement@hartreepartners.com.


Hartree Consultancy Services works with companies, state-owned enterprises, regulators, and investors on a wide variety of issues in the energy space. Consultancy Services leverages the broad and developed expertise of Hartree’s senior managers across its trading and operational areas.

Hartree Consultancy Services is committed to building long term partnerships with its clients, leveraging the complementary skills and knowledge base that Hartree and its clients have, and maintaining an emphasis on implementation that will have an impact on the client.

Competency areas include the following:

  • Regulatory, Controls and Compliance
  • Operations
  • Physical Trading
  • Risk Management
  • Transaction Structuring

For more information on Hartree’s Consultancy Services, please contact Pedro Haas at consultancy@hartreepartners.com.

Prorietary Trading & Arbitrage

Diversified relative value portfolio along the investment axes of geography, time and product quality.

Risk Management

Expertise and liquidity for those seeking solutions to isolate and protect exposures to commodity price movements.

Structured Transactions

Comprehensive collaborations to minimize balance sheet exposure and mitigate commercial execution risk.

Hartree Principal Investing

Funds for asset development and business acquisition in the commodity space.


Expertise for companies, state-owned enterprises, regulators, and investors active in the energy space.

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